Wednesday, March 9, 2011

organization :: this is how i roll

There has been a pile of papers growing in my kitchen. It's a pile of magazine tearsheets, catalogs of sorts, business cards, paint samples, you name it. If it's renovation-related, it's in there. I finally decided to take care of it, once and for all.

My Renovation Binder

All business cards have been stapled to one sheet, located at the very front of the binder. So the next time John asks me to call the window guy or the door guy, I no longer have to consult Google. It's all right there.

Just after the business card page, the binder is divided into eight sections:
  1. great room
  2. kitchen
  3. kids rooms
  4. bathroom
  5. master bedroom
  6. landscaping
  7. exterior
  8. misc.

Each section is filled with (or waiting to be filled with) inspiration photos, product catalogs, paint samples, and orders that have been placed.

our fireplace inspiration

the window bench I want

Of course, a few of the sections are still empty. John and I haven't made any decisions regarding our master bedroom or bathroom.

I imagine that this binder is going to be quite full in the months to come. I'm just happy to have everything in one {organized} place.

How do you organize your projects?


  1. I started with a pile of papers that went into a binder, too. Not nearly as organized as yours, though. Then the binder became too full, and I had progressed to carrying around samples. So then I had a sample bin that I carried with me to appointments, etc. There's just so much to keep together. I still have folders and binders and piles...I'm looking forward to finding that special place for it all when it's all done!!! You're always so organized, though. I know you will have great ways to do it!

  2. I put some stuff in my pockets, some in the car, some on the desk, and of course the floor is always another option. I have a system.

  3. @ shannon~
    I'm probably going to 'outgrow' this binder, too. But for right now, I'm just glad to get rid of the pile!

  4. @ Jason~
    I think John uses that same system.

  5. Wow looks great! I need to get back into organized mode! Since we moved in with my in-laws, I haven't had any sort of filing system since my wedding! Looking forward to getting some of that back when we're all done with the office.

  6. Hi: I just "met" you over at BYW, with your comment there.
    We just moved (in Dec.) from NY State down to North Carolina, and have been working on the new house since last summer. Not anywhere near what you are doing (!), but a lot of work. Yes, I found notebooks very useful, with the dividers etc. Now that we're finishing up, I've made files and redone all my file drawers!
    As to your header/Photoshop: I have a really, really nice woman who has helped me with blog layout etc. I found her through Typepad, and she lives in Arizona. Right now, I know she is booked until June, but if you want her name, I would be happy to give it to you. I'm about to redo my blog!.... and she will be on the case again. Very reasonable prices too, and couldn't be nicer...

  7. You've inspired me to get my desk organized, it's not cluttered with anything fun, just crap I don't know what to do with, but I'm REALLY sick of looking at it.

  8. Karen I love this idea. I have two drawers of folders that would make for a perfect binder! Oh, and btw, my bed is done!!

  9. Your binder is great!

    I have a small Moleskine that includes all the floorplans, paint swatches and contact info. I carry that with me.

    For inspiration, I have a binder that is out of control. Because we have done a few houses, it has a bit of an identity crisis right now. I need to purge and go through it. It's organized by room right now. But the living room tab refers to inspiration for 3 different living rooms (and probably more in the future). I've got to figure that out.

  10. @ Rebecca~
    You will feel so much better when you have your own office. I don't have an office, but my binder will do for now. ha ha

  11. @ aneyefordetail~
    Thanks for coming over here from BYW. I may email you about that header/photoshop thing. :)

  12. @ lemondropdreams~
    Glad to motivate you! (Now, don't go thinking that the rest of my house is this organized...)

  13. @ ladylumberlove~
    I'll have to go check out the bed that you built. You are a brave woman!

  14. @ Kim~
    I know what you mean: I have an inspiration book that I started before J & I were even married. What is very interesting is that even back then, my taste leaned towards raw, "industrial" materials. There are so many magazine pictures with concrete and metal and such.


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