Thursday, March 31, 2011

wood flooring

I have made several trips to Lumber Liquidators lately, in trying to select the wood flooring for the house. We are going to lay wood throughout the entire house -- only the bathrooms will be spared.

John and I both knew that we wanted a dark-colored wood this time. We had a pale (birch??) wood in our Bay Area home, and we definitely wanted to do something different.

At the showroom, I immediately fell in love with this sample of bamboo flooring.

And this walnut sample. Oh my!

However, both are out of our price range.

Our solution: unfinished white oak... stained to match the bamboo sample.

The sample above is a piece of unfinished white oak, stained with two coats of Zar, oil-based wood stain, "Moorish Teak.". At $2.79 per square foot, the white oak is much more in our price range.

And then, something even better came along.

You see, the original plan was for John and me to lay the wood flooring. Afterall, we did it in ourselves in the Bay Area home. However, since we're in a bit of a time crunch, we have decided to hire our neighbor who just happens to specialize in refinishing wood floors. Who just happens to have a distributor who can get us an even better deal than Lumber Liquidators.

It always comes down to 'who you know', doesn't it?


  1. I like that colour. We also have oak flooring that is a medium/dark brown. It's quite a practical colour.
    We are lucky that our 50 year old floors are in such good condition, so that's one messy job we don't have to do.
    What a bonus that you don't have to do it yourself, I'd imagine it being quite trying on your back and knees.

  2. I love dark wood floors, they are going to be beautiful in your home, especially with all of the gray you love. It does seem to always be who you know in the end, great job finding a discounted rate!

  3. i love oak floors. first i wanted maple, but changed my mind to red oak. those prices are crazy good! Ours are at least double that.

    I'm loving your choices and can't wait to see them installed

  4. I love when a plan just falls into place :)
    I'm a fan of the dark floors too. Perfect choice.

  5. GORGEOUS and totally jealous! We have light wood Ikeaish looking floors in our house and I SO WANT TO REDO THEM! Not in the budg for now only hopefully someday. Your progress is so exciting!

  6. The flooring you picked is beautiful! I love oak floors and they will last forever. Awesome score you got on them,too.

  7. the teak stain looks great and I think it'll match beautifully.

  8. I wish we had dark floors. Ours are a honey stained oak, but I don't think we'll ever get around to refinishing them because our entire first floor would be out of commission. Sooo, honey oak they'll stay ;)

    Can't wait to see your beautiful floors! And for a great price!

  9. I like the color of the stain. Oak flooring is very popular these days. I can only agree with the dark tone. This is not only practical but gives a room an elegant look. Congratulations!


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