Saturday, March 5, 2011

to do list

Weekend To Do List
  • paint garage floor -- john & 7
  • go to princess birthday party -- karen & 4
  • order gas fireplace
  • go for a hike or a bike ride

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. avoiding the rain/snow
    taking off front closet bi-fold door
    touching up Ds red bed
    taking photos
    baking banana bread
    taking kids to chidren's museum
    swim class and ballet class

  2. weekends are never long enough...
    but with that said, we plan to/already did....
    sleep in
    watch a movie together (7 lbs.,so sad, so good)
    make pizza (tried it with an egg on top, need to try again)
    go to rugby game (got sunburned)
    water and feed newly planted shrubs
    make a costco run
    go to church
    make turkey lasagna (barefoot contessa family)

    i'm always looking for new hikes..where did you go?

  3. @ Giulia~
    Sounds like a full weekend! Hope you had fun and avoided the cold weather.

  4. @ Teresa~
    re: rugby... Are you going to the Cal Poly vs Cal rugby game in April?

    We went scootering (I walked) on the Bob Jones trail. It was such a beautiful trail! You probably already know that trail, though. (It was brand new to us.)

  5. the youth team plays ventura that day, so depends on the time. you? we play fresno this weekend and dane might get some good playing time. (nervous mother sigh).
    i love the bob jones trail, as long as the hard core cycler dudes use their manners.


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