Wednesday, January 5, 2011

house tour, part I

In October, we bought a house. We didn't intend to buy a house so soon after moving to the central coast, but that's another story for another day. The point is, we bought a house. In our dream town!

Because I don't want to overwhelm this first post with an avalanche of photos, I'm going to show the entire house in a series of posts. Also, the layout of the house will make more sense once I get John to upload a blueprint of the house. And then later, I'll have him upload the blueprints for the planned renovations.

But first things first. Come on in...

Upon entering, you are greeted with this *warm and inviting* oasis of concrete. A view to your left,

and to your right.

At least there is some greenery down the side of the house... It goes without saying that there will definitely be some changes made to the front entry of the house.

Open the front door, and you are greeted with this monstrosity of a staircase.

Guaranteed, all kids will love this spiral staircase. It's like an indoor play structure. The staircase leads up to a landing/loft area (John's future office) and the master bedroom suite.

***Spoiler alert: the spiral staircase is the first thing to go.

Part II of the tour
Part III of the tour
Part IV of the tour
Part V of the tour


  1. ummmmm, i am obsessed. this house is amazing.

  2. After seeing pics of your 1st home -- I know this one will be just as amazing, I see so much potential...this is going to be a fun ride for you and your family! :)

  3. Wow, when was the house built? The design doesn't look modern, although it is beautiful in its own complicated way. It's rather big when you look at it outside, though its shape is compact. Do you have the blueprint somewhere in this site too?


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