Wednesday, February 9, 2011

inspiration from house & home

I am in love with this window seat: simple, grey flannel seating, storage underneath.

See our bay window? We could totally rock this.

I'm also loving this photo.

Check out the lighting. Not the pendant lighting on the left; I'm talking about the wire track lighting on the right side. Can you see it? It's much easier to see in the magazine.

Can you imagine wire track lighting up there across our ceilings? We are going to have structural beams going across those high ceilings. I think the wire track lighting is perfect.

Images from House & Home.


  1. I like both ideas! I think wire track lighting can look really nice. It's interesting how they ran it through the beams in your inspiration photo. I didn't know you could do that!

  2. I SO wanted a banquet in our remodel, but just couldn't figure it in... I'm not sure that's what you're angling for in your window seat, though, but it looks like a perfect fit!

    I'm loving your updates!!!

  3. i risk sounding like a copy cat, but i have yardage of some beautiful gray flannel waiting to be used. i don't have a window seat, but love the fabric choice. i also wanted to do the exact track lighting over our dining table and would have loved to install structural beams. we opted for something completely different and not sure i made the right choice. i think we could go into business together.;)

  4. Yes! I love track lighting and the window seating idea.

    You're making me so want to be moved already and in my future home! :)

  5. Oh, if you could see our house We DO have the beams, but we also need new lighting. I should send you pix, or watch what you end up doing! :)

  6. Hey, if you like that type of window seat (which I do as well) it's a lot more straight forward than the one you liked in my kitchen. I have closed storage b/c recycling is not that attractive :), but this looks great and you could also add baskets.

    Is this the US House and Home? I saw the same article in the Canadian and loved the house. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  7. I love the idea of a window seat. I have been trying to figure out where to put one here. You have a great spot for it. I am in love with gray flannel right now too.

  8. Can I just say I have wanted a window seat in my house...basically since I can remember! SO JEALOUS! DO IT! You have to. Then I can live vicariously through yours. :)

  9. @ Kim~ Yeah, I liked the way it ran through the beams. Very unique.

    @ Shannon~ Mundy, is that you? (Blogger blocked me from seeing your profile page...) I don't think the window seat will work as banquet seating just because of the positioning of our dining room "table." We have a VERY unique table-feature that John has to build. (Hint: It's very space-efficient!)

    @ Teresa~ It sure seems like we have the same taste. LOL Yeah, we could go into business together, but our "clients" would have to yield to our grey + modern aesthetic!! ; )

    @ Laura~ Me too! I want to be moved in to my future home, too. ; )

    @ Sandy~ Hmmm... maybe you should do it first. Let me know how it goes. : )

    @ Fishly~ It's from the Canadian House & Home. I was browsing at the bookstore and came upon the spread. I try not to buy a lot of magazines, but if it has at least 3 things that I want to "save for future reference" I consider it worth buying.

    @ elizabeth~ Funny, we weren't sure what to do with the existing bay window. I almost wanted a built-in desk, where I could do all my daily "mom" activities -- bills, emails, (blogging!) etc. But now I'm in love with that seat.

    @ Heather~ Yes, you can live vicariously through mine. Maybe I'll even take a nap there. For you, of course. : )


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