Monday, March 7, 2011

what's your walking score?

What's your walking score? No, I don't mean you, I mean your house.

Walk Score is a free website that measures the walkability of any address. The address will be given a walk score of 0 - 100, 100 being the most walkable.

The image above is the Walk Score map of our previous house in the Bay Area. It scored 95, aka "Walker's Paradise." I would show you the score of our SLO house but that wouldn't be responsible of me. However, I can tell you that it scored 80, aka "Very Walkable."

San Luis Obispo is known for being very walk-able and bike-able. In fact, I think that's one of the reasons that it's the happiest place in America.

I can't tell you how important it is to me that I can walk or bike everywhere. But that's just me -- not everyone wants to live that close to everything. Some people would rather not see their neighbors at all.

What's your walking score?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I tried the walk score and we got 12 out of 100! Not very good, huh? We're only like a mile from town so I thought we'd get a better score, but guess not! Can't wait to see the changes in your house! I know how it feels to wait to move in. We lived with my parents for 12 weeks after we sold our house, bought another and made some major renovations before we could move in. I always hate that transition phase, it's so awkward.
    Well, I'm a follower now so I can keep up with your progress!

  2. I just tested ours, we got a 66....I guess that is ok for where we live. The average was 42. We are pretty close to "town." I would love to live in an area where I could enjoy walking and biking everywhere.

  3. 88 :) Thanks for posting the link. I've often wondered how we'd score, but didn't know where to find out. Like you, I love having walking access (don't care about biking so much)to lots of places.

  4. @ Breanna & Matt~
    12 isn't a bad score unless you WANT to be able to walk to town. Good for you for living with your folks during your transition phase -- that would be hard.

  5. @ elizabeth~
    66 ain't bad! Plus, I don't know exactly what their scores are based on.

  6. @ Lauren~
    88 is good! John is so funny-- he's all 'hot and bothered' that we "only scored an 80." I'm going to tell him that you just got extra points because you're near Dona Tomas. ; )

    I'm not much of a biker either, but I may become one. The groceries stores are just a little too far to walk. Not bad walking to them, but walking home laden with groceries will be tough. I think I'll have to get a bike (beach cruiser??) with a basket sturdy enough for errands.

  7. ahhh, you make me jealous. A beach town where you could bike to the grocery store? What type of work is there in SLO? Do you guys accept Canadian's? I tell my husband at least once a week that I want to move to the beach...the closest (13hr drive) is in New Brunswick or Maine and although at the beach it would be a little chillier than California.

  8. ours is a 58 "somewhat walkable", but I find our area quite walkable (groceries, bank, park, schools, restaurants, all within a half-mile). we moved from an area that was a "26", so I guess it's all relative :)


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