Tuesday, March 8, 2011

bumps in the road

The demolition process has uncovered a few unexpected things. Neither John or I are surprised by this, but we're still dismayed.

In a previous post, I mentioned that the contractor discovered an unexpected shear wall between the great room and 4's room. This shear wall meant that we were going to have to leave it. After much discussion, we have decided to proceed with our original plans and remove it. Since it wasn't noted on the original plans, and it was "okayed" by the City of SLO, it's outta there.

Sidenote: Through these discussions, I learned that a "shear wall" is not the same as a load-bearing wall. Huh. You learn something new everyday.

In addition to removing the shear wall, we're also going to "take" 4's closet, seen here as "closet #1."

Taking "closet #1" was not part of the original plans; however, in doing that, we will gain an additional 2.5 feet in the width of our kitchen.

From the blueprints, you can see how the additional 2.5 feet {width} will improve the flow of our kitchen.

Obviously, we'll have to reconfigure 4's room to give her back a closet, but we'll figure that out later.


  1. everyone always hangs out in the kitchen. great move :)

  2. @ NK~ Our thoughts, exactly.

  3. Totally agree with stealing space for the kitchen.
    Btw, what is a sheer wall???

  4. @ Carrie~
    A shear wall is a wall that "resists lateral forces, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, or stong wind." Most of the time, they have been reinforced with plywood. (As explained to me by my dear husband.) ;)


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