Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a new gas fireplace

One of the things we are renovating is the fireplace.

Right off the bat, John and I decided that we wanted to change the original fireplace to a gas fireplace. An unexpected bonus (in my opinion) was that we could remove the chimney! It's not the chimney itself that bothers me, it's those two funny bumps on top... (see a better picture of the offensive bumps here)

Last weekend, we went shopping for gas fireplaces. This is the first one we saw.

Regency Horizon HZ54E

Well hello there. Love at first sight.

We considered another style, but with only half-hearted effort. This other style was just 'eh'.

GreenSmart Gas Fireplace

We will most likely put a flatscreen TV above the fireplace. There will also be a concrete bench that runs underneath the fireplace for additional seating. It will look very much like the photo below.

image via House & Home

Our new gas fireplace will be more than an aesthetic feature. It will also serve as the only heat source in the entire house. Therefore, we have made sure that it includes a blower. We're thinking --hoping actually-- that along with sufficient insulation, it will be enough. Afterall, we're on the central coast of California... it doesn't get that cold around here.


  1. Get rid of the bumps! I agree. I love the first fireplace. You really only have one heat source? I'm jealous.

  2. Love the first fireplace.
    Wish I lived in a place where I could just have a fireplace to keep the place warm...and you are in a beach town...sooo jealous :)

  3. This is so fun! I am loving your renovation already. I def think that the heat will be sufficient. We used to use ours in Northern California and it was amazing how much heat it put out. In our new house we have regular fireplaces and even though I love the idea of real wood we hardly ever use hardly ever I mean literally we have used them twice.

  4. @ Elizabeth~
    We're hoping that one source of heat will be enough! Maybe I'll have to buy us all Snugglies. LOL

  5. @ Giulia~
    It's taken us 12+ years to get to this beach town!! We're glad we're finally here. :)

  6. @ Heather~
    We had a 'regular' fireplace in our previous house and it never got used. Honestly, I think it's because it was in the living room and we rarely hungo out in the LR. (We were always in the great room.) But... it's so much easier to flip a switch to turn your fire on than to build it.

  7. Oh my gosh! I feel like it gets SO cold out here (I'm in LA). But I've always had poor circulation, and since moving from New England, I've definitely become acclimated to the warm weather. Temps that used to be okay are now FREEZING for me. I love your fireplace selection though!

  8. i really love that last photo with the concrete bench. put "lambswool rug" on your ikea list.

  9. We are hoping to install a gas fireplace this fall, so I'm looking forward to hearing your reviews on how good of a heat source it is. :)

  10. @ Mary~
    ha ha. Honestly, I'm kinda wimpy like you. When the ground gets frost (back in the Bay Area) I'm the first one to whine about how cold I am!

  11. @ Teresa~
    Do you want John to build you a concrete bench, too? j/k He's already stressing about the one he has to build for us...

  12. @ Lindsey~
    Will do. Let's hope it's good news.


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