Sunday, March 6, 2011

our renovation timeline

"When do you think you'll be done?"

This is the question we're most commonly asked by friends and family.

"End of May"

This usually raises some eyebrows and heavy skepticism when they knowingly see the current state of our house:

Not to mention the torn-down chimney...

But let me clear something up: When we say "done", we don't mean 100% painted, trimmed-out, tricked-out... This is our checklist for being "done":
  • framed and closed in
  • new wood flooring installed and finished
  • plumbing & electrical finished
  • drywall work finished

We remodeled our previous house and we're used to living in a work-in-progress. In fact, I'm pretty much assuming that we're going to have a 'temporary kitchen' set up.

We want to be moved in by May 31st because our lease is up at the end of May. We can always extend our lease, but we don't want to pay {mortgage + rent} any longer than we have to.

86 days to go...

Think we'll make it?


  1. I think you'll make it! Also, I have an awesome toaster oven for you to borrow for your make shift kitchen. I also have lots of creative ways to make great meals for your family in said make-shift kitchen!!!

    We're so close to being done we can taste it!!! Stairs are in and floor to be started tomorrow! Tile is happening, paint this week, etc. It's happening!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  2. Hello there! Thanks so much for popping over to my blog and saying hi... and look what I found in return - another beautiful blog for me to follow!

    Great post - you are so brave! Renovating is such a challenge but SO rewarding and heaps of fun if you have the right attitude (which you clearly do).

    I look forward to watching the progress now that I'm your newest follower.

    Wicker & Stitch

  3. @ Shannon~
    Thanks...I can always count on you to believe in me. ; ) I may take you up on that offer of your toaster oven + numerous recipes. However, I'm hoping that summer weather will be here and we can survive by BBQing.

    Your house is looking so beautiful. Next time I'm in town, we'll have to do GNO at your house.

  4. @ Angela~
    Thanks for visiting and for following! I am enjoying your blog, too. You have so many beautiful things to look at.

  5. It makes sense to save money and move in as soon as you can and once the major work is done, the rest is fun stuff :)

  6. to answer your question...of course you can make it! what choice do you have right?;)
    btw, that shot of your calendar reminded me of a clever idea for a diy calendar using paint chips. have you seen it? i want to make one!

  7. @ laura~
    That's right. Plus, it should be 'good' weather by then so it won't be such a big deal if we need to put the temporary kitchen in the [detached] garage.

  8. @ Teresa~
    I've seen the paint chip calendar. It's beautiful. (It would make a great Mother's Day gift or Grandmother's Day gift...)

  9. It'll totally be done in time. I can't wait to see all of the changes unfold.

  10. You can do it! How exciting! This is going to be fun to watch as it unfolds.

  11. @ Jas~
    Thanks for the enthusiasm. ;)

  12. @ Heather~
    I hope to have some future {framing} photos soon.

  13. take heart...I have a temporary kitchen all the time and will for the next 3 years. It's doable, not convenient, but doable! I am with you in spirit!

  14. @ Jana~
    What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, right? It will make the final product that much sweeter.


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