Thursday, March 10, 2011

$10 play kitchen

Look what I scored for $10, via Craigslist. Honestly, I probably could have got it for free. (I think the seller was so excited to get rid of it.)

I have big plans to DIY it into the coolest, most badass play kitchen eva. Holla!

* * * Play kitchen inspiration comes from here and here. * * *


  1. Wow, that's so fun. I wish I had one when I was younger. 4 and 7 are going to love it! Thanks for sending the Airstream link from desire to inspire. That Airstream is amazing....thanks for sharing.

  2. Omg, I'm so impressed that you saw a play kitchen in that!!!
    Your kids are so lucky!

  3. Holla is right!! That is going to be awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. i admire your ambition...this looks like quite the project. i sense a must-keep-myself-busy-while-house-is-under-construction vibe. just a suggestion, but you might want to check out reStore for a little sink for cheap. are you going to try and match the new big people kitchen? that would be cute!

  5. @ elizabeth~
    It's mostly for 4, but she's going to have to share with 7. It will be fun for them to 'stock' the kitchen, too.

  6. @ carrie~
    I can't take any credit for envisioning this. All of the inspiration came from the links at the bottom of the post. ;)

  7. @ Jana~
    I don't know who is going to have more fun: me, building it -or- the kids, playing with it.

  8. @ teresa~
    Heck yeah, there's a "trying to keep myself busy" vibe over here. (You should see the solar system mobile that I've made for 7's room! I just wish I had a place to hang it.)

    I'm definitely going to hit up ReStore and see what items I can get from there.

    It would be SO cute to match our kitchen; however, I think that 4 has her own ideas. She would prefer that it be red and blue (Spiderman colors.) LOL

  9. I can't wait to see it come together. My sil and bil just had our first neice yesterday and I've already told Ryan I want a play kitchen at our house for her. ;) Waiting to be inspired by yours.

  10. @ Kim~
    You would be the best aunt and uncle ever!

  11. This is going to be amazing. I wish I had seen something like this last summer, instead of buying the little tikes kitchen. My kids would much prefer a more "grown up" version. Can't wait to see how it looks like when it is finished.


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