Monday, February 21, 2011

uh oh

Anybody who has ever done a remodel, knows that you are bound to uncover details in your house that you didn't foresee. Things that you couldn't have foreseen without tearing open the walls...

We found our first snafu:

That, my friends, is a sheer wall that we didn't expect. You may remember it better as the backside of a closet in 4's room (seen here) and seen below.

What does this mean for us?

We had intended to steal that space for the great room, as every square foot of living space counts. But since it's a sheer wall --a loading-bearing wall-- we can't remove it. The wall has to stay put.

We were talking about it this weekend, and John and I came up with a solution that we're happy with. We still intend to *steal* the space from 4's room, but we're going to turn it into a storage closet or linen closet, accessible from the great room/front entry. However, we don't want to be *greeted* by a door, when we work through the front door. (see our front entry here)

We haven't figured out the exact details, but we might try to build a "secret" bookshelf or something. Once we figure out the plan, I'll be sure to update.

p.s. Our trip to IKEA was a big success -- I'll post about it later.


  1. When we were still in apartment living, I didn't find myself missing IKEA that much (even though that's pretty much how we furnished our first apartment in CA). Now that we're in our house, I wish they'd hurry up with the one they're building in Denver -- The opening date keeps being pushed back (it's early fall now) and I'm getting impatient! Can't wait to see what goodies you found ...

  2. obstacles breed creativity! good luck!

  3. @ Katie~ Yeah, when I lived near an IKEA, I thought nothing of it and rarely went. Now, I'd kill for one to be close by.

  4. @ Mary~
    Good attitude! We were in need of a linen closet or small storage space. This is forcing us to create one. Yay!


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