Wednesday, April 13, 2011

let's revisit that timeline

Let's get right to the point: We are getting nervous that we are not going to make our May 31 deadline.

We really, really want to be in our slo house by the end of May, because we don't want to pay an extra month of rent. (The house we are currently living in is a rental.)

John made a schedule of what needs to be done in the next few weeks.

I'm not sure if you can see it clearly in the photos but it's:
  • Electric
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Stucco
  • Insulation
  • Sheetrock
  • Flooring
Everything has to go in order, and therefore, one thing can screw up and stall everything that follows. It's the domino effect.

You can see from the calendar that we are cutting it close. A little too close for comfort.

I can't waste time and energy, worrying if we're going to make it or not. Right now, the 'strategy' is to push forward, and we'll decide our game plan on April 30th. April 30th because we need to tell our landlord if it's our last month or not.

As I've mentioned before, we don't anticipate being 100% finished by May 31st. We don't mind living in a work-in-progress, but we need to be at a certain stage where the house is *okay to occupy.*

I'll have more details on April 30th. Stay tuned...


  1. talk about handling pressure. I really hope everything works out for you guys. We'll be here to cheer you on :)

  2. So you've got about a week for each item, no problem. You've got this.

  3. Wow! best of luck! I am thinking of you and hoping all the deadlines get met. What's meant to be will be, right? It's getting close!

  4. We moved into our house May 17th last year after renting another house for 7 months during construction. The last few weeks you could not believe how it all came together. Going into it I expected to be moving into a spotless-dust free house...okay well of course that did not happen, but really it was pretty close. Wishing you all the best!


  5. @ Carrie~
    My husband is the 'general' contractor, so the subs are just doing what he hires them for. As long as each of them can get his job done on time, we should be fine.

    We're confident, but we have prior experience with remodeling. And unfortunately, we *know* that unexpected things happen.

  6. Good luck to you! Out here cheering you on! You look very organized, and that should help . . .

  7. They call that domino effect the "critical path" -- as in, the counters need to be in before the faucets go in, etc. (but things like cabinet pulls aren't on the critical path). We're trying to work with that on our landscaping right now. Spread soil/compost, sprinkler system, sod. Instead of another month of rent, we're racing the sweltering heat of the Texas summer.


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