Friday, April 29, 2011

throw out 50 things :: items 21 - 25

Last week, 7 was looking for a notebook. A very specific notebook. I told him that I would keep an eye out for it, but if we cleaned his room, we would probably find it.

In fact, I continued, if we started to *pack up* his room, we might really find it. Lo and behold, 7 was all over that. He immediately wanted to start boxing up his belongings (the things he doesn't use or need currently) and get them ready for the move.

I jumped at the chance, and 7's room is now full of boxes. Can you tell how badly our little family just wants to be in our new home already?!

Anyhow, I managed to 'throw out' a few things from 7's room; my gosh, that kid is a hoarder...

Item #21
Cleaned out extras from the costume box (never get worn)
-- goodwill

Item #22
Empty boxes (from 7's room)
-- recycled

Item #23
Miscellaneous stuff (not loved, used, or needed anymore)
-- goodwill

Item #24
Clothing from my closet (the tip of the iceberg)

Item #25
Random trash from 7's room
-- trash

I'm eager to really go through my own things. However, I need a day with uninterrupted time: no drop offs & pick ups, no baseball, no gymnastics, no meal-preparing or laundry, no refereeing arguments between 4 and 7...

I'm sure I'd get rid of a whole lotta stuff. Until then, it will continue to be a little at a time...


  1. Throwing things away, packing, and moving can be such a stressful time :( Fortunately, it is only temporary. Is it looking like you'll be in your new house by the end of May?

  2. You are my hero....I'm ready now to throw out everything!! HeHe. Happy Tuesday!!! =)

  3. Isn't it so thrilling to get rid of things that you don't need??? A little at a time still gets the job done ... One of my twins is totally a hoarder!!

  4. It does feel so good to get rid of useless clutter! With kids it seems to multiply at a rapid rate!!


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