Wednesday, April 27, 2011

kitchen appliances :: oven/range

We have started shopping around for kitchen appliances. Truth be told, I started my search a few weeks ago... I went to a local appliance store and came away with a lot of preliminary information.

When we remodeled our kitchen in our previous house, John chose all the appliances. (My mind was on the growing baby in my belly, and I wasn't any help whatsoever. Poor John.)

I learned several things from this kitchen, and one of them was that I do not need double ovens. I am not that girl. Another thing I learned is that I really liked my Viking range.

This is what I'm sure of:
  • I want an oven/range combination.
  • It must be stainless steel.
  • Gas burners, for sure.

This is what I think I want (but not sure):
  • I like Viking, but am open to other brands.
  • We think we want a 36" with 6-burners.
  • We're pretty sure it won't be "dual fuel" because that add $2000 - $3000 to the cost (yikes!)

I need your help and your recommendations in reference to oven ranges. (Forget refrigerators and dishwashers for right now...)

What do you know about Blue Star appliances? Any good?
What do you know about Fisher & Paykel? Know anybody who has one?

If you could choose any oven range combination, what would you choose?


  1. I SOOOO wanted a BlueStar - mostly because of the big BTU's, but talked myself out of it because, really, I could get close with much less $$$, and I like chinese food, but not so much cooking it (which is where you'd use the BTU's). You should check out the appliance forum on - there's a lot of good info there.

    I can't wait to see what you decide!

  2. I can tell you that Fisher & Paykel make awesome fridges. Not sure about other stuff.

    I've been thinking appliances lately myself, my debate on ovens has being: convection vs. non-convection. And I've decided that non-convection is good. Its quiet and I don't bake.

    Other than that, can't wait to see what you choose! :)

    PS> and once you get to dishwashers, I would suggest to go with Bosch, or Bosch for Kenmore Elite. Same design but lower price tag.

  3. @ Shannon~
    Thanks. I'll check out the gardenweb forum... See, I don't know anything about BTU's and stuff. I just "cook" and "make do" with what I've got. I tend to feel that I don't need many 'bells and whistles.' ???

  4. @ NK~
    I don't think I need 'convection' either. I had it in the double ovens in the previous house, and never used it. Besides, it only comes in the 'dual fuel' ovens, and that's an additional $3000!!! No, thanks.

    Good to know about Fisher & Paykel fridges -- thanks. Thanks also for the tips on dishwashers. I want quiet, quiet, quiet!! The 'Miele' brand was recommended as the #1 dishwasher, but I've since learned that if (when) they break, it costs and arm and a leg to fix them. (I'll keep the Bosch in mind.)

  5. I have the kenmore elite dishwasher. My main criteria was stainless tub, super quiet and not too much of an energy hog. It is doing really well. I also have the kenmore elite 5 burner gas stove, but I had to get something to fit existing kitchen...I would have liked a Viking or a beautiful wolf...

  6. We have a Dual Fuel Wolf with double ovens--a small one and a large one. I use the small oven A LOT--it heats up quickly and saves electricity. The large one is really nice for big family gatherings. I think our cooking has improved.


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