Friday, April 15, 2011

throw out 50 things :: items 17 - 20

Item #17
Garden urns from previous house (used to stage the house)
-- going on Craigslist

Item #18
Shower holder thing
-- in the trash

Item #19
Pile of blankets and quilts
-- going in the Airstream

Item #20
A jacket and a collection of hats (rarely worn)
-- all going to the Airstream

You will notice that the last two 'things' aren't really being thrown out or given away or sold. They are going to the Airstream.

I have been gathering information and compiling a list of things that we will *need* to outfit the Airstream for future camping trips. (Blankets and hats are among the things that are needed.)

Don't worry -- I am not going to start 'dumping' things in the Airstream. I want that Airstream to be as 'streamlined' as our future home. However, I'm all for using items that we already have, since it seems that we already have buy several items.

Have you gotten rid of any things this week?

***You can read more about the Throw Out 50 Things Challenge here.***


  1. Hi Karen, you left a sweet comment on my blog today (thanks!) and I came over to check you out. Wow. LOVE this blog. I read EVERY SINGLE post (well, it's Saturday and I am trying to have a little fun before the big work day starts). Actually, if I'm being truthful I probably only have to work today because I wasted too much time yesterday, oh well. Anyway, didn't see any place to 'follow' you or email you but wanted you to know that I am following you (I just subscribed so I can follow your progress). I love your organization and the way you are balancing life. xo Sherri

  2. Hi Karen,

    I haven't gotten rid of anything recently...because when we moved here 2 years ago I purged way too much...and I am regretting it a bit.

    I looked for an email address...thank you for your nice comment today, but please know I would NEVER mean to offend. I love CA!!

    Good luck this week on the least no rain in the forecast!

    xo annie

  3. Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by. After checking out your blog, I can see why you like Sandy's designs. I could see you working in some of her style with your own. I'm really enjoy watching everyone's remodeling projects here in blogland- looking forward to watching your progress as well.
    Come back and sign up for the pet portrait give away. Do you have a pet? You could always gift it if you don't!

  4. PS If you were closer I would grab those urns!

  5. I hadn't heard of this challenge, but I love the idea. I have 3-4 black bags sitting in my house ready to be given away/garage saled.

  6. What a great challenge. Man, I love those urns. I would have taken them off your hands if I was a teensy bit closer:)

  7. @ Sherri~
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for subscribing. I guess I should put my email address somewhere on here. :)

  8. @ Annie~
    I would love to find out what you regret getting rid of. I enjoy purging 'junk' but in the back of my mind I get nervous that I'll regret something...

    Don't worry -- I wasn't offend AT ALL. Really. I was just commenting that it's not the first time that I've heard that about CA. Honestly, no offense taken.

  9. @ Inspirato Design~
    No pets over here (yet.) Maybe once the kids are old enough to take care of them. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. @ jandjhome~
    You can join in the challenge at anytime! I would love the company. ;)

  11. @ Carol~
    Please join in the challenge! I need a partner in crime. ;)

  12. Karen, You're doing so well! Doesn't it feel good to get rid of things?!? I'm excited to see how you do with the rest of your challenge. :)



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