Friday, April 8, 2011

throw out 50 things :: items 11 - 16

I made some progress with the 50 Thing Challenge this week.

Item #11
Decor from when I used to stage homes. This was the last stuff I used to stage my own home.
-- saving for garage sale

Item #12
A whole lotta chick lit
-- planning on trading it in at the used bookstore

Item #13
John's old clothing
-- donated to Goodwill

Item #14
John's collection of what??!
-- recycled

Item #15
John's old socks
-- donated to Goodwill

Item #16
Bag full of 4's old clothing
-- donated to Goodwill

How about you? Have you managed to get rid of a few things this week?


  1. A collection of "what?". That's funny :)

  2. Sold our Dacor cooktop that we took out 4 months ago - today! Yippee!!! Also listed kitchen table and coffee table on craigslist! Get. Rid. of. It!

  3. we're in the middle of unpacking from our recent move, so we're purging and donating anything that doesn't 'fit' into our new home. moving will definitely get that ball rolling! LOL

  4. craigslisted a pile of bender board and bucket o stakes from our landscape re-do. one lucky lady picked them up yesterday morn for FREE! also another craigslist sale for jake when he sold his drum set that was taking up space in the garage. yea! and more books and clothes to goodwill. :)

  5. @ Carrie~
    I was going to call it a "collection of WTF" but this is a family-blog, sooo... ya know. ;)
    But seriously. My husband collects the most random things...

  6. @ Shannon~
    Your kitchen table brings back so many memories. :) But it's good to get 'new' for all your new renovations.

  7. @ kerri~
    When we moved from our previous home (less than a year ago) we got rid of SO much stuff. Now, I'm just weeding through the stuff that slipped through the cracks. :)

  8. @ Teresa~
    I love getting rid of things, but selling them is even better!! Hooray for decluttering.

  9. This is one challenge I need to do! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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