Wednesday, April 20, 2011

cable lighting in the great room

John and I originally fell in love with cable lighting eleven years ago. We were staying at Walkerson's, a gorgeous Hotel & Spa in South Africa. It was the first time we had seen cable lighting, and we were immediately enamored.

However, the unique look of the cable lighting didn't really 'go' in our Bay Area home, so we didn't pursue it.

But here we are, eleven years later, and we have the perfect spot to string a couple of cable lights.

yellow lines show approximate placement of cables
 We plan to string 2 sets of cable lights from the (front) exterior wall to the second exposed ceiling beam. That beam happens to be where the great room "ends" and the kitchen "begins", so it is a good place to stop the cable lighting.

I was again reminded of how I love the look of cable lighting when I saw this image in House & Home.

image via House & Home

John has been researching online cable lighting options and kits all week, and I went to a local lighting source today. Thankfully, we are at the end of this search, and I'm pretty sure we will be placing an order soon. Tomorrow perhaps?

Once we have placed our order, I'll post a better-detailed picture of the cable lighting system. I realize that it is extremely difficult to see in the scanned photo above. My apologies.

What do you think of cable lighting? Yay or nay?... or are you waiting to see a more detailed photo?


  1. Cable lights = very cool in my book! They are going to look stunning! Do it, do it, do it!

    Have a brilliant Easter x

  2. i adore cable lighting but you are right... it doesn't belong everywhere. i love the location you've chosen for it.... so excited to see how it turns out...

    ps - what is the color your painted your bay area house? gorgeous!

  3. I think it will look great in your house. My dad used to have it in his kitchen on a diagonal, I really liked it.

  4. i too am a fan of cable lighting and have wanted it for a very long time. i had big plans for this house (with the high ceilings it would have been perfect!) but we went a different route. i have regrets. maybe next time. def next time.

  5. @ kerri~
    My Bay Area home was painted Sherwin Williams "Bunglehouse Grey." It's an 'old' color so you might have to ask for it by name. :)

  6. @ Teresa~
    Not sure why you have regrets... your house is amazing! Beautiful. And your light fixtures are fantastic.


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