Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a referral :: door maker


We were inspired by the front doors made at Urban Front, so we had a similar one made locally.

We were extremely happy with our door maker, and we highly recommend him to anyone in the area. He was professional, highly-skilled, and had reasonable prices.

His contact information is
John Alvarado
(805) 235-1411
Los Osos, California

He also made our french doors.


  1. Isn't wonderful to find real craftsmen who do a job right? Your doors look perfect and I am enjoying the style you are going for, no pastels necessary!!!

  2. as you know i am totally in love with your front door. literally my heart skips when i see it. nice job john a. in los osos. you may be hearing from me in the far future. right now i must deal with my current mess of a front door.

  3. Love these, he did an amazing job. Isn't it nice when you find people that take pride in their work and do a nice job.

  4. @ Teresa~
    What happened with your front doors? Did repainting them not work? :(

  5. Beautiful doors! I never thought of having a door made. My front door was robin's egg blue for so long after we moved in and every time I saw it, from the outside or the indside, it reminded me of how much I had to do in the house - and it was depressing. I was so happy when I finally threw some paint up, long before we ready to make a substantive changes. Enjoy your door!


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