Monday, April 25, 2011

open letter to ReStore

Dear ReStore,

I'm breaking up with you. Well, to be honest, we were never really going steady.

I respect what you stand for, and that's why I found you so attractive in the first place. I admire your desire to reuse building materials so that less ends up in the landfills. Even more so, I admire that all of your proceeds go towards funding the construction of Habitat for Humanity homes for low-income families. For those reasons, I will always speak highly of you.

Unfortunately, we can no longer continue to entertain the notion that you and I will ever be a couple.

From our first date, I realized that you are much too picky. Have you ever heard of the saying "Beggars can't be choosers"? It's a good one.

Listen. I understand why you can't come and pick up my donations. Fine. I'm happy to do it. But then you have to get all uppity about which items you'll accept. What? You think you're too good for me my items? Is that it? But the last straw is your unavailability. You will only accept donations on certain days during certain times. You're simply too high maintenance for me.

So listen. I may as well be honest and tell you that I'm seeing someone else. His name is Craig Slist. He treats me well, and he's way less opinionated. He will take just about anything, and he even comes to my house to pick up my stuff. So far, he's helped me get rid of a bunch of bricks, a slew of appliances, a door, a hot water heater, and more.

I wish you well, ReStore. But it's just not gonna happen for us.



  1. ReStore is a little demanding. I prefer it for buying. ;) We get rid of tons of stuff for free on CraigsList, too.

  2. I think you're completely right. Mr. Picky Pants. I do like to go and buy things there but selling is definitely for Craig and his list.

  3. "Warmly" really did it for me. Thanks for the smile.

  4. what?! they wouldn't take yer stuff? did you try to give em a half used can of paint or something? how dare you! sorry it didn't work out. but if it's ok with you, can i give him a call some time? he seems to like my stuff.

  5. Haha, have you tried diggerslist? I wrote a post on it awhile ago, it is similar to craigslist. I have never used it, but it is similar to craigslist and Habitat. You try to sell on it, if the items don't sell they come by, pick them up and donate them for you.

  6. I love it! The same thing happened to me when I tried to donate our old couch. It had some ripped fabric so they wouldn't take it, it was good enough for me to sit on it for 10 years!!

  7. I had a short relationship with ReStore a couple of years ago--well it was more like a one night stand. I totally agree, he's just too high maintenance and picky. I moved on and have being playing the field.

  8. We just moved into our new home. We had carpet installed by the builder to close. All of the carpet was removed a week later for hardwood floors.

    Habitat for Humanity in Houston would not take it. Carpet must be "Never Installed." Wow!!


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