Friday, January 14, 2011

to do list

Guess what color 7 wants his room to be.

Weekend* To Do List
  • finish removing tacking strips from 7's room
  • remove closet pieces from 7's closet (to paint)
  • choose (background) neutral color for 7's room
  • begin to cut in corners, etc.
  • jackhammer concrete in garage corner in prep for new plumbing (John)
  • field trip to IKEA in Santa Barbara, to check out kitchen cabinet possibilities
  • oops--no ikea in santa barbara

*to be done this weekend and into the week


  1. since when is there an ikea in santa barbara? i wanna go!

  2. Cool paint swatches! Can't wait to see what the selection is. Hope John had fun jackhammering!

    Heather @

  3. @ Teresa~ oops. Ummmm... good thing I checked before driving all the way out there. ; )

    @ Heather~ I wouldn't say he had fun jackhammering, but she's really glad it's over with.


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