Monday, January 17, 2011

kitchen inspiration

image via

I love everything about this kitchen.

sleek white cabinets check
silver handles check
open shelving check
white subway tile check
dark wood floors check
metal counters like 'em but would love 'em better if they were concrete

simple. simple. simple.


  1. oh you are a girl after my own heart. our next big project is concrete countertops. does your talented husband do that too?

  2. Teresa~ John is going to do our concrete counter tops, yes. He's going to take a weekend-course in Berkeley.

  3. awesome! can we pay him to do ours? after he proves himself on your house first? ;)

  4. @ Teresa~
    ha ha. I'll ask him, but he may have his hands full with the lil' blue house. ; )


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