Sunday, January 30, 2011

curb appeal :: a new perimeter

One of the things I LOVE about this house is the fence that surrounds the entire property. Being a mom, I can feel assured that 7 and 4 are safe when they are playing outside.

That being said, John and I have plans to change the look of the fence.

image via

Yes, that is the house from Californication.

John gets full credit, because he is the one with the original idea to build a fence outside perimeter that is concrete on the bottom and wood slats on the top.

I was skeptical until I saw this house on an episode of Californication. But then, once I had the visual, it was instant love. Sign me up: For the concrete wall. For the horizontal wood slats. For the snake grass growing in front.

image via Dwell

The above image has only the wooden slats, but we will definitely be doing concrete on the bottom. Our reasoning is twofold.

One, we just like the look of it.

Two, it's a preventative feature. See, our house is located within the 100-year Flood Zone map. It's on the very, very edge, but it's there alright. Lucky us.

Anyhow, to best prevent our property from flooding (should that 100-year storm ever happen...) is to have a solid wall surrounding the property. We can just sandbag the areas that don't have the wall...

This fence/wall project won't happen for a while. In fact, it will probably be a couple of years from now. But it's nice to know where we're going with it.


  1. First of all let me say I LOVE THAT SHOW! The Hubs and I have been cracking out for the past week and just finished Season 3 last night. SO GOOD! Love that fence it is so modern and perfect for your area. Such a good choice! Your house is so adorable.

  2. so does this also give us an idea of your exterior color choice? i love the horizontal slat fence. i've been trying to convince scott that we need one. did you see the install on thebrickhouse? really looked good. it made the house look bigger.

  3. @ Heather~
    We love that show too. {Love David Duchoveny!}

    @ Teresa~
    I keep looking around for exterior color choices. We're definitely NOT keeping the blue. It's tricky because we want to find a way to "modernize" the look of the exterior, but don't want to spend tons of $$$.

  4. Your new house is lovely kirwin! I also love your fence ideas.

    I'm so pleased that you got to move to your dream location :)

  5. @ laura~
    It's nice to be here. ; )
    I just can't wait to actually get into our new (old) house!!


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