Monday, January 24, 2011

it's a small world

Check out the mini vintage globe bank I got for 7's room.

Adorable, no?


  1. very cute. where do you shop for good cheap vintage stuff?

  2. LOVE IT! A friend and I just went thrift shopping and she found a vintage globe that we both thought was amazing. We went outside and a guy assisted us in figuring out the age based on which countries were named what. Pretty cool. LOVE GLOBES right now so fun!

  3. Love the globe, it will go great in 7's room, he'll love it. I went thrift store shopping today too, so much fun!

  4. @ Teresa~ My favorite local place is Ruby Rose in SLO. She has amazing taste and her prices are great.

  5. Really cute. I love vintage.

    Amy R.


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