Monday, January 31, 2011

boy's room :: bedding

I have been looking around {the internet} for bedding inspiration for 7's room. Since his walls are so busy and bright, his bedding really needs to be a calm, muted *pattern*.

After thoroughly searching the regulars like Pottery Barn Kids, Crate & Barrel, Land of Nod --and many more-- I came to the conclusion that I should make my own.

I searched Spoonflower for fabric samples, and there are a lot of options.

Jailhouse Rock

Faux Bois

Pear Harvest

Unfortunately, after a few quick calculations, I realized that I would need about 11 yards of fabric to make a twin-sized comforter cover.

11 yards of fabric = approx. $200!!!

So I went back to the internet, and found myself at West Elm. I found a few options, but I think this one is my favorite.

West Elm

This is another photo, but it's not the color we would get.

The platinum color (top picture) will go nicely in 7's room. Also it's machine washable which is very important in a boy's room. Do you know how filthy little boys can be?!

I'm not worried that it's too bland because I'm sure there will be a lot of other colors on 7's bed: stuffed animals, his favorite ugly doll, an accent pillow...

John just has to build the loft bed now...


  1. 200 dollars???? Sheesh. This is why I'm not crafty mom. I love the one you picked though:)


  2. I am totally addicted to West Elm right now and the weirdest thing is the one I used to go to just closed and it was always so crowded! Annoying! I really like that choice and I like the tufted top look which gives it more personality. Great little boy room comforter. Cute!

  3. i absolutely love your color choice. and that faux bois is really cool. i have made duvet covers before using two twin sheets. you wouldn't get the tufted look, but it's pretty simple and cheap. also i remember seeing a nice solid gray duvet cover at ikea. they were out of stock the day i was there or i would have gotten 2 of them for our bunks.
    looking good!

  4. @ Karen~
    Yeah, $200. And that didn't include yardage for a pillow sham!! (ouch)

    @ Heather~
    I love, love, love West Elm. I dog-ear all the pages in the catalogs. ; )

    @ Teresa~
    I tried looking for sheets to make a comforter cover but I didn't have much luck. I think I'm happy with the West Elm comforter... plus, I don't have to make anything! ; )


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