Thursday, January 13, 2011

his & hers {projects}

Last weekend, John got started in the backyard and garage, setting up the plumbing for the garage. In the process of pushing the kitchen back 10 feet, the (current) laundry is going to become homeless. Therefore, it's going to need a new home in the garage.

This is the old plumbing, and it's not set up right. (I refuse to type what John really said about it.) John has to re-plumb all of the drain lines and unfortunately, that involves a little bit of digging.

Not exactly an exciting project, but a necessary one at that.

I got started on the floors in 7's room.

With 4's help, I ripped up the old carpeting, foam padding, and staples. I had to leave the tacking strips for another day because I didn't have the proper tools to remove them.

It ain't pretty but I think it looks beautiful.

Work crew having lunch.


  1. Can I just say...digging is so not fun. We have had a digging project going on at our fixer for weeks and I tried it for a good I don't know...ten minutes and was like...I'm outta here! The floors are going to be beautiful! They always look scary at first only they will turn out great.

    Heather @ REOlisticREnovation

  2. Heather,

    Yeah, digging pretty much sucks. I'd have offered to help, but we both know how ineffective I would be. He's bigger and stronger. Thanks for stopping by!


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