Thursday, January 27, 2011

mood board :: a little boy's room

My first attempt at creating a mood board, via Polyvore.

The funny irritating thing about Polyvore is that you are limited in which images you can use. Therefore, I had to fudge the orange striped walls and the bunk beds.

Other things envisioned for 7's room:
  • grey-ish bedding
  • insect posters
  • mini vintage globes
  • a large chalkboard or magnetic board
  • legos strewn about the room!!
  • a big graphic G
  • a solar system mobile -- 7 and I have plans to make one

p.s. 7 has picked all of the above for his room. And this mom approves.


  1. Your mood board looks great, the concept for 7's room is coming along. Love the bunk beds, are you building those? I just found this website for moodboards and have played on it a little. I don't know if it would provide anymore flexibility. Have a great weekend.

  2. I tried playing around with Polyvore too and same complaint.

    The room looks FAB! I understand what you mean only the color looks really cool online. I'm sure you just have to let it settle in and you will get used to it. I LOVE the blue against the orange that is awesome and the idea of gray also would be a great contrast.

    Have you looked at the boy's rooms on Serena & Lily? I love the framed letter over the bed in one of the rooms...just a funky thrifted big frame and you could paint it and then frame the letter. I am totally doing that once Baby REOlistic gets his big boy room. :) Even though that won't be for a while...

    We actually went for a bonded leather couch because we learned it just WIPES clean which having a baby boy and big kid(husband) around I thought sounded like a wonderful idea. It looks like regular leather only it is so easy to keep up. Except it does tend to scratch which is annoying I guess.

  3. @ elizabeth~
    My husband is going to build a loft bed in each of the kids' rooms. Thanks so much for the link to olioboard. I didn't get a chance to play with it yet, but I will soon. I hope it's more flexible than polyvore.

    @ heather~
    I had never heard of Serena & Lily until you mentioned them. There are some cool inspiration rooms there -- thanks.


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