Thursday, January 6, 2011

house tour, part II

Like our previous house, there is no *formal* entry to this home. Once you step inside, you are immediately in the living room/great room. (Changing this and adding a small front entry is in the plans.)

To the left is a small hallway to 7's room, 4's room, and a bathroom in between the two.

Don't mind the avant garde mirror that came with the house. It will be soon be looking at the inside of a dumpster.

But don't you just love the recessed shelf?

7's room faces the street, aka the concrete oasis that we call the front of our house.

a view from another angle

This is the downstairs bathroom, that lies between the kids' rooms. The true beauty and craftsmanship of this room is not totally evident in the photo. Even the kids commented how ugly it was. But whatever. It's functional, and that's all you really need in a bathroom. (There are future plans to renovate it, but it's not a current priority.)

Next is 4's room...

another angle

4's room currently has two closets; however, closet #2 is going to go away.

See that curved wall in closet #2? That is the backside of the spiral staircase. When we remove the spiral staircase, we will also close up this second closet -- all in the name of gaining more living space for our home.

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