Wednesday, January 19, 2011

boy's room :: painted walls

Will I lose your respect if I admit that as I painted and cut in the last few bits of 7's room, I had Dora the Explorer's theme song running through my head?

"I did it, I did it,... da da da do do da do do doo..."

Working a few hours on Saturday, a few more on Sunday, and a few more on Monday, I completely painted 7's room. We choose a nice, neutral greige for the background color. (greige = grey + beige)

The actual color choice is Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter.

From the masses of orange color swatches, 7 settled on two: Volcanic Blast and Dragon Fire, both by Behr.

Quote from 7:
"They're both cool colors and they both have cool names."

In preparation for painting the stripes, I needed a temporary visual so that I could play with the height and width of the stripes. I went to Michael's and bought two shades of orange paper similar (but not exactly the same) as 7's color choices.

I decided on a 5" width for the center stripe and a 3" width for the outer stripes. After cutting them to size, I taped them to the wall to get a feel for where I wanted them. My first attempt was too high. But since they were just taped in place, it was easy to relocate the stripes to a lower position.


It looks good, right?

The stripes --hereafter known as The Speed Stripe-- will go on these two walls.

I have something else planned for the loft bed wall.

Tomorrow, while both kids are in school, I'll use John's laser level to tape off and prep for painting the stripes. However, I won't paint them because 7 is going to be involved in that process. (You know. Ownership and all that.)


  1. i am totally get a visual and it's going to be awesome. i'm with 7, i love cool paint names. i can't get into a paint color if it doesn't have a cool name. revere pewter is also a beauty.

  2. Adventurous kid you have! I am totally afraid of color. Maybe 7 can give me a talking to so I can venture out more. :) I think it is going to look awesome!

  3. @ Teresa~ I can't wait until it's d.o.n.e. I'm so sick of painting stripes!

    @ Heather~ I'm "braver" with color in kid's rooms. I feel like they're supposed to be bright and fun. (I'm way less colorful in the main living parts of the house.)


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