Friday, January 7, 2011

house tour, part IV

So you wanna see what's up there?

It's only the coolest loft space around!

It has gorgeous natural light and beautiful views. This will eventually be John's office space, as long as he continues to work from home. I am green with envy and would love to have this space for my very own.

The loft space leads into the master bedroom. Here is a view of the master bedroom, taken from the loft doorway.

Here is the view from the opposite direction (across the bedroom, back towards the loft.)

and another view

The master bedroom is HUGE, by our standards.

The master bathroom...

not so much.

Increasing the size of the bathroom is in the works. It will be changed so that it will include a soaking tub, a shower, and double sinks.

The soaking tub was my request, because it is one of the features I really miss from our last house.

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