Wednesday, June 22, 2011

an update {long overdue}

Since tomorrow is moving day, I figured that a house update is long overdue. My apologies for the lack of posts for 2 months!!! but there has been a lot going on in.

I don't have a lot of time (I'm supposed to be packing boxes right now) so this is a post will lots of photos and few words.

master bathroom

Did you notice a distinct lack of kitchen??! Um yeah. We'll be 'camping' in our house for a while.

Truth be told, I don't care. I'm We're just so darn happy to move in to our house already. Wish us luck with the move tomorrow.

Friday, May 6, 2011

throw out 50 things :: items 26 - 31

Thank you all for your kind comments and encouragement from yesterday's post. I hope I didn't mislead you into thinking that we're miserably depressed about not making our May 31 deadline. As badly as we didn't want to pay another month of rent, in making that decision, a lot of burden has been lifted from our shoulders. We're a busy bunch, but we're a smiling bunch.

And in the meantime, I have continued to declutter and get rid of unloved and unuseful things around the house.

Item #26
Universal remote brought from previous house.
-- Goodwill

Item #27
Stacking system (always falling over, and not space efficient)
-- Goodwill

Item #28
Kid's shoes (notice the odd number?!)
-- 3 shoes went into the trash,
-- green pair was given to 4's friend

Item #29
Stack of magazines
-- Recycled

Item #30
Plastic sorting containers (I had good educational intentions for these, but never followed through)
-- Recycled

Item #31
More items from my closet
-- Goodwill

31 items out, 19 to go.
I've gotta admit -- I'm wondering what else I'm going to 'throw out.' God knows I haven't gone through each and every drawer, cupboard, and closet in this house. And God knows that we still have 'excess' coming out our nose, so I guess I'll just keep plugging away.

How about you? Done any purging or decluttering lately? You know you wanna!
You can read more about the Throw Out 50 Things Challenge here.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

radio silence

My apologies for the radio blog silence. There has been a lot going on over here...

Unfortunately --with the whirlwind of activity-- I'm a little 'over' posting about it. Having lived it, I don't feel like regurgitating all of it in blog posts. Which makes me a bad blogger. I know this.

It's just a phase. I'll get over it, and I'll be back to regular postings soon. In the meantime, maybe you'll like like a Clif's Notes version of what I should be posting about.

I should write a post about how the fireplace went in on Monday. And I really really should write a post about the fireplace fiasco (not our fault) and how it was supposed to go in on Friday.

I should write a post about how the french doors went in. And then got taken out. And now they're back in.

I should also write a post about appliances. I should tell you the pros and cons of each brand, and I should definitely include information about price differences and rebates, but... blah! I'd rather just tell you that we're thisclose to ordering a few things...

I should write a post about the wood flooring going in upstairs.

And I should really, really write a post about how we're not going to make our May 31st timeline. In fact, I will write more about this topic soon.

 But not now.

Friday, April 29, 2011

throw out 50 things :: items 21 - 25

Last week, 7 was looking for a notebook. A very specific notebook. I told him that I would keep an eye out for it, but if we cleaned his room, we would probably find it.

In fact, I continued, if we started to *pack up* his room, we might really find it. Lo and behold, 7 was all over that. He immediately wanted to start boxing up his belongings (the things he doesn't use or need currently) and get them ready for the move.

I jumped at the chance, and 7's room is now full of boxes. Can you tell how badly our little family just wants to be in our new home already?!

Anyhow, I managed to 'throw out' a few things from 7's room; my gosh, that kid is a hoarder...

Item #21
Cleaned out extras from the costume box (never get worn)
-- goodwill

Item #22
Empty boxes (from 7's room)
-- recycled

Item #23
Miscellaneous stuff (not loved, used, or needed anymore)
-- goodwill

Item #24
Clothing from my closet (the tip of the iceberg)

Item #25
Random trash from 7's room
-- trash

I'm eager to really go through my own things. However, I need a day with uninterrupted time: no drop offs & pick ups, no baseball, no gymnastics, no meal-preparing or laundry, no refereeing arguments between 4 and 7...

I'm sure I'd get rid of a whole lotta stuff. Until then, it will continue to be a little at a time...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

kitchen appliances :: oven/range

We have started shopping around for kitchen appliances. Truth be told, I started my search a few weeks ago... I went to a local appliance store and came away with a lot of preliminary information.

When we remodeled our kitchen in our previous house, John chose all the appliances. (My mind was on the growing baby in my belly, and I wasn't any help whatsoever. Poor John.)

I learned several things from this kitchen, and one of them was that I do not need double ovens. I am not that girl. Another thing I learned is that I really liked my Viking range.

This is what I'm sure of:
  • I want an oven/range combination.
  • It must be stainless steel.
  • Gas burners, for sure.

This is what I think I want (but not sure):
  • I like Viking, but am open to other brands.
  • We think we want a 36" with 6-burners.
  • We're pretty sure it won't be "dual fuel" because that add $2000 - $3000 to the cost (yikes!)

I need your help and your recommendations in reference to oven ranges. (Forget refrigerators and dishwashers for right now...)

What do you know about Blue Star appliances? Any good?
What do you know about Fisher & Paykel? Know anybody who has one?

If you could choose any oven range combination, what would you choose?

Monday, April 25, 2011

open letter to ReStore

Dear ReStore,

I'm breaking up with you. Well, to be honest, we were never really going steady.

I respect what you stand for, and that's why I found you so attractive in the first place. I admire your desire to reuse building materials so that less ends up in the landfills. Even more so, I admire that all of your proceeds go towards funding the construction of Habitat for Humanity homes for low-income families. For those reasons, I will always speak highly of you.

Unfortunately, we can no longer continue to entertain the notion that you and I will ever be a couple.

From our first date, I realized that you are much too picky. Have you ever heard of the saying "Beggars can't be choosers"? It's a good one.

Listen. I understand why you can't come and pick up my donations. Fine. I'm happy to do it. But then you have to get all uppity about which items you'll accept. What? You think you're too good for me my items? Is that it? But the last straw is your unavailability. You will only accept donations on certain days during certain times. You're simply too high maintenance for me.

So listen. I may as well be honest and tell you that I'm seeing someone else. His name is Craig Slist. He treats me well, and he's way less opinionated. He will take just about anything, and he even comes to my house to pick up my stuff. So far, he's helped me get rid of a bunch of bricks, a slew of appliances, a door, a hot water heater, and more.

I wish you well, ReStore. But it's just not gonna happen for us.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

lake lopez, easter weekend

The entire weekend.
 So. Much. Fun.



cup o noodles (when we arrived too late the first night!)


anti-smoke goggles


proof that I was there

easter egg hunts


We can't wait to do it again.

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