Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bay area bound

We're headed out of town this weekend. The kids have both Friday and Monday off from school, so we're taking advantage of the 4-day weekend.

We're heading home to the Bay Area. The Bay Area is where we moved from, just 7 months ago. Besides visiting friends and family, John and I have some *local* errands to run:
  • IKEA
  • West Elm
  • Target

IKEA is the biggie. There are several things we want to check out for future projects.
  • Kitchen cabinets. At this point, we just want to rule them in or out. We want to know if IKEA has viable options when we start shopping for kitchen cabinetry.
  • Area rugs. I'm currently looking for an area rug for 7's room, but we will need various rugs for other areas of the house. Of course, this will be after we lay new flooring throughout the entire house...
  • Ceramic planters/pots. I'm just curious. I'm a big fan of indoor plants, and I want to see what they have to offer.
  • Components for a play kitchen. I have been wanting to build a play kitchen for 4 for so long! Her birthday is in May, and I would love to build her a custom kitchen for her room. Maybe I'm overreaching, but we'll see. I'm particularly inspired by the play kitchen below.

image via

John doesn't know (yet) but I also want to make a stop at West Elm. I doubt I'll buy anything, but I want to look. These are the items that have caught my eye.

ceramic planters for my indoor plants

I have loved this mirror for a very, very long time.

I am in love with air plants.

3 images from West Elm

Have a good weekend, everyone. I'm outta here for the next few days!


  1. Hi! I'm sure you've stumbled on to, in all your internet searching. If you haven't, go to their "kitchen" forum. There is a TON of great info, but more specifically there a quite a few members that have done IKEA cabinets for their kitchen remodel. They not only swear by the cabinets, but I have seen some BEAUTIFUL pictures of those kitchens. Take a look!

    Looking forward to seeing you!!!

  2. Have a great trip karen!

    PS. I'd agree re Ikea cabinets.

  3. I got my daughter the wooden Educo kitchen 2.5 years ago and she loves it. My son really plays with it as well. It comes with a lot of pots and pans and some food, etc.

    Ikea also has a great kids kitchen based on their free standing kitchen units and then Pottery Barn has pretty ones, but pricier.

    You are thinking built in - just thought some of these free standing ones were pretty, played with very well and a little easier to move around.

    enjoy your weekend!

  4. have fun at ikea! see you next week.

  5. Have a Great weekend, we're headed out of town too, but your trip sounds more fun! I am sorry the guy flaked on your with the Airstream. They are kind of hard to seems like most people don't care if they sell them or not (that was the problem we ran into). They're supposed to be abundant in CA. Also, the most popular there, so they're a little more expensive. I searched craigslist,ebay, the airstream forums (which is a great site). Ours is a 26' 1968 Overlander. 24' or 26' were the two best sizes for us. Keep searching I know you'll find the right one. Have a great weekend!

  6. We had a blast at Ikea in January, and picked up rugs for the playroom/living room/and kids room. We love ikea too (not so much the layout though). Hope you had a great weekend with the kiddos! Road trips are the best!!!


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