Sunday, February 6, 2011

appetite for destruction

Let's be honest. I've been going stir-crazy lately, wanting to get started on our renovation plans. I'm tired of waiting for permit approval, and I'm tired of feeling like nothing is happening.

If it seems like we've been doing nothing but dreaming about new front doors and fencing, it's not true. Actually, we have been doing quite a bit of destruction demolition.

Demo #1: Removed the unnecessary shed-like structure.

here today...

gone tomorrow.

Demo #2: Removed a wooden step inside the garage.

After John jackhammered the garage floor, he had new plumbing put in for the new laundry location. After the new plumbing, John patched the concrete...

and then finished the patch with self-leveling Finish Coat.

Demo #3: Carpet removal

My personal ongoing project...

4's room

the hallway

front entry

You can see that we have been busy. Trying to make {small} progress before the real progress begins...


  1. Don't make me be your own personal are hardly doing NOTHING and you put us to shame with how much you get accomplished! Your house is undergoing an amazing transformation with or without the big plans being finalized!

  2. demo IS progress...and so much fun. try to enjoy the journey, and be proud of how much you've gotten done, which is quite a bit. want help getting that carpet out? i've done a little rip and roll myself.

  3. Great work so far. Your house looks so much better without the shed. Try to stay patient, that's the hardest part for me. I always want to wave the magic wand and voila! You guys are awesome- keep it up!

  4. @ Heather~ Thanks for the encouragement. I'm just frustrated because I want to move into the house!!

    @ Teresa~ Are you sure you want to help? I may take you up on that offer...I'll buy you lunch in exchange for your muscle. ; )

    @ Elizabeth~ Thanks. And that shed? It was pointless. : )


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