Friday, May 6, 2011

throw out 50 things :: items 26 - 31

Thank you all for your kind comments and encouragement from yesterday's post. I hope I didn't mislead you into thinking that we're miserably depressed about not making our May 31 deadline. As badly as we didn't want to pay another month of rent, in making that decision, a lot of burden has been lifted from our shoulders. We're a busy bunch, but we're a smiling bunch.

And in the meantime, I have continued to declutter and get rid of unloved and unuseful things around the house.

Item #26
Universal remote brought from previous house.
-- Goodwill

Item #27
Stacking system (always falling over, and not space efficient)
-- Goodwill

Item #28
Kid's shoes (notice the odd number?!)
-- 3 shoes went into the trash,
-- green pair was given to 4's friend

Item #29
Stack of magazines
-- Recycled

Item #30
Plastic sorting containers (I had good educational intentions for these, but never followed through)
-- Recycled

Item #31
More items from my closet
-- Goodwill

31 items out, 19 to go.
I've gotta admit -- I'm wondering what else I'm going to 'throw out.' God knows I haven't gone through each and every drawer, cupboard, and closet in this house. And God knows that we still have 'excess' coming out our nose, so I guess I'll just keep plugging away.

How about you? Done any purging or decluttering lately? You know you wanna!
You can read more about the Throw Out 50 Things Challenge here.


  1. i've lost count, but here's what i've got....
    1. i found two glass hurricanes still packed, in the garage...broke one, gave the other to my neighbor.
    2. recycling a picture frame from my collection of unused for a mother's day gift for my mom.
    3. the rest of the frames went to our school's rummage sale fund raiser.
    i'm glad you feel some relief from trying to make that deadline. it's going to be so worth all of your effort and patience. you'll just have to eat rice and beans for the rest of the month to make that extra rent payment.

  2. I should be looking for things to get rid of (goodness knows I could find some without much effort), but instead I'm writing to say how much I love my Pronto! Ours looks like an older model (2000 or 2001, I think), but it's still so nifty....

  3. Ineffective storage is the worst! Those shelves look cute only that is so annoying when you get something and it doesn't work. When we moved we ditched so much ineffective storage that now we don't have any storage at all. :)

  4. Things always have a way of working out :)

  5. Hi there, hope your renos are going well and things are good :)

  6. Karen! How are you doing?! I can only imagine...clearly you are crazy-busy, as evidenced by your absence here. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you, and all of the chaos and exhaustion that is your life right now! I think you're headed this way soon?! Let us know so we can make a plan!

  7. hi, how are you doing? Long time no posts!! Miss you, around here :)


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